3D animation, 2005/2006

By projecting collages of aerial night views of the Ruhr area (see "earthsky" series) onto spheres, a new sort of astronomic objects is created: massive as planets yet glowing on their own like stars but less luminous and in a textured way − and the light emerging from electricity and not chemical reactions. Referring to the origin of these electric light structures, one can think of them as earth-like planets lacking a sun − and thus daylight.

In a number of sequences the camera follows different scenarios of the "earthskyearth" bodies, which are glowing in an endless night. The gathering of several specimen − each one unique though clearly all objects are of the same class or nature − and the sparkling of the light structures due to the movement give them an aura of almost being alive.

The underlying sound is an up and down swelling swoosh. It originates from the noise signal produced by the computer while rendering the animation which was then digitally manipulated.

The installation at the Kuenstlerzeche Unser Fritz carries the animation into the real space.

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