Riddle Fence
A Journal for Arts & Culture
Issue 32, Spring 2019

ohne Kohle
Catalogue of the show at Zeche Schlägel & Eisen, Herten
Editor Vestischer Künstlerbund, July 2018

Arts & Minds Canada: The 2017 Exhibition
Catalogue of the show and auction at Spoke Club, Toronto, May 2017
Editor Arts & Minds Canada, Spring 2018

Raised Beaches and Dropped Stones
An Art & Geology Project on Fogo Island
Jack Botsford and Rona Rangsch, December 2017

des morgens geht frau cézanne auf den markt und kauft ein kilo schöne äpfel
Catalogue of the Award of Vestischer Künstlerbund 2014
Editor Vestischer Künstlerbund, November 2014

Ausnahmezustand - 30 years Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Catalogue of the anniversary show Aug-Oct 2013
Editor Künstlerhaus Dortmund, May 2014

Voyage Boxed
edition of 50 with artworks by 18 artists
15 x 15 x 10 cm
Editors Imi Maufe & Rona Rangsch, January 2014

Voyage - sea journeys, island hopping & trans-oceanic concepts
Catalogue of the show at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Feb/Mar 2013
Editor Künstlerhaus Dortmund, August 2013

BO - WKB 2013
Catalogue of the show at Kunstmuseum Bochum
Editor Westdeutscher Künstlerbund, March 2013

in Residence
Catalogue of the show at the Laboratorium of Künstlerhaus Dortmund
Editor Künstlerhaus Dortmund, December 2012

Rona Rangsch - selected works 2008 - 2012
Editor Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, May 2012

Rona Rangsch - recent works 2009 / 2010
Editor Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, October 2010

Catalogue and Documentation of the German-Japanese exchange project 2008/2009
Editor Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, published in August 2010

Catalogue of the exhibition of the Western German artists' association (WKB)
Editor WKB, May 2010

space shuttle 2.0
Catalogue of the German-Austrian exchange project 2008/2009, part 2
Editor Masc Foundation, published in April 2010

Rona Rangsch - selected works 2003 - 2008
Overview documentation
Editor Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, March 2009

space shuttle 1.0
Introduction within the catalogue of the German-Austian exchange project 2008/2009, part 1
Editor Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, published 2009

Computer Art 2.008
Catalogue of the Biennial, Gladbeck
Editor Museum of the City of Gladbeck, 2008

Image contribution in the publication of the lecture series at the faculty of City Development 2006/2007
Editor Faculty of City Planning and Development, University of Dortmund, published in February 2008

21. Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Catalogue of the Festival of Expanded Media
Editor Wand 5 e.V., January 2008

stretching a point
Text contribution within the 25th-anniversary publication of the Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund
Editor Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, January 2008

Catalogue of the exhibition at the Science Park Gelsenkirchen
Editor BBK Westfalen, 2006

the other sight
artists and physics
Catalugue documenting the exhibition and lecture series at the Kuenstlerhaus 2005 (project concept and realisization)
Editor Rona Rangsch for Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund, published in April 2006

Tesla Project
Catalogue of the exhibition project, Belgrade, Serbia 2006
Editor UMNA-Art&Science Belgrade, published 2007

earthskyearth - an audiovisual installation
Catalogue of the solo show at the Kuenstlerzeche Unser Fritz, Herne
Editor Kuenstlerzeche Unser Fritz e.V., 2006

Alles im Lot(h)
Catalogue of the exhibition at the former coalmine Lothringen, Bochum
Editor BBK Westfalen, 2005

50 JA
Catalogue of the anniversary exhibition of the BBK Westfalen at the MKK Dortmund
Editor BBK Westfalen, 2003

On the Universality of Matrix Models for Random Surfaces
Article, European Physical Journal C8 (1999) 523-526, with Thomas Filk

Zur Universalität von Matrixmodellen für Zufallsflächen
Diploma Thesis, FB Theoretische Physik, University of Saarland, May 1996
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