[Newfound] Land

Digital photo montages, archival prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, 80 x 60 cm, 2020/21

The tableaus represent different conceptions of the notion of land − as landscape, resource, property, soil, terrain, nature, wilderness, home, and creature − seen through a Newfoundland lens. They are informed by relations to the different modes of land I have identified in a cross-disciplinary and cross-genre study of the written discourse on the island. Among the many types of relations, illusion, desire, attachment, abuse, and, ambivalence, that tension between two opposing values governing a single setting, figure prominently. All photo footage was collected in Newfoundland.

[Newfound] Land as Landscape

[Newfound] Land as Resource

[Newfound] Land as Home

[Newfound] Land as Terrain

[Newfound] Land as Soil

[Newfound] Land as Creature

[Newfound] Land as Nature

[Newfound] Land as Wilderness

[Newfound] Land as Property

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