Tracing a Web of Cultural Ambivalence in Newfoundland

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. project at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, in progress

The project revalues the often despised concept of ambivalence and establishes its cultural variant as a productive research lens. Applying that lens to settler Newfoundland as a most rewarding object of study, the understanding and perception of the place are enhanced through the reinterpretation of allegedly isolated contexts bearing cultural and social tensions as belonging to a pervasive and potentially creative web of cultural ambivalence.

Research Statement, updated June 2022

Related works and activities:


Creative Ambivalence, series of digital montages, 2019

[Newfound] Land, series of digital montages, 2020/21

colonizeR/D, series of digital prints and projections, 2022

Conference presentation

Creative Ambivalence: Abstract, Slides
Regarding Uncertainty Graduate Conference, Concordia University, May 2019

The project is supported and spurred by my supervisory team, Dr. Jennifer Dyer (Arts and Humanities, Cultural Studies), Dr. Stephen Crocker (Sociology, Media Studies, Globalization), and Dr. Valerie Legge (Literary Studies, Critical Theory), as well as by scholars from the fields of Anthropology, Archaeology, Philosophy, and Settler Colonial Studies at Memorial University and beyond.

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