Nature happens. ZELLULAR

Series of graphical objects, 2014/2015

The ongoing project Nature happens. is based on my fascination of both the diversity and complexity of living nature and the boldness of scientists who methodologically address the complex and multi-layered interplay of mechanisms, intrinsic system properties and preconditions underlying the development of life on all scales. It is my point of view that the gained scientific insights do not lessen the magic inherent in nature; they rather reveal deeper layers on which we can see a different not less astounding face of life.

Exhibition view on the occasion of the 9th Central European Diatom Meeting hosted by the Alfred Wegenr Institute in March 2015,
German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven

The series ZELLULAR is concerned with selected sub- and supra-cellular mechanisms and structures that have been uncovered and described by science allowing for a view under the surface and onto the development, structure and functioning of biological systems. The complex organisation that has been found is amazing.

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The complex subject is met by a reduced colour and formal language. The individual objects are accompanied by labels with short texts that merely give an idea about the biological background that has inspired the works to leave space for association and personal interpretation by the viewer.

The graphical work was realised during and subsequently to Artist-Residencies at RONDO Ateliers, Graz, AT and at the Saari Residence, Hietamäki, FI.

Total view of the exhibition Nature happens.at the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven

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