The Vinland Phenomenon: The Vinland Questionnaire

series of pairs of photographs

The Vinland Phenomenon project lives from Newfoundlanders sharing their stories and ideas about Vinland. Beside giving two radio interviews on VOBB and CBC Radio I asked for contributions through the distribution of a Vinland Questionnaire all over the island. While the actual response to the questionnaire was rather modest, the act of posting it in public spaces resulted in some most project-relevant conversations and contacts. Moreover, documenting the scenes with the posted questionnaire became a project of its own. It mirrors my travel route and my quest for Vinland stories all over Newfoundland − virtually a meta-quest for the Vinland quest of others.

Digitized Ten Mile Map of Newfoundland (right) courtesy of the Centre of Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland

The places where I posted my questionnaire include gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, libraries, museums, ferry terminals and an airport. All of these offer a bulletin board or some space where everyone can put any kind of posting, from selling a car or a property over community announcements to advertising pet grooming and the invitation to a local dance. The photographs in this chapter show a selection of the total of 49 places where the Vinland Questionnaire had been posted.

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