Ohne Kohle (Without Coal)

video, 5:38 min, HD, 16:9, mute, 2018

image: video still

Black coal mining has shaped the Ruhr area, its people and their culture for more than three centuries. The ultimate end of black coal production in Germany in 2018 represents a distinct break for the region and raises questions on energy supply, employment, the utilization of the mining remains, and on cultural identity.

The video is based on footage of drifting clouds over the Ruhr area that are cross-faded with photographs of coal mining structures. Colour reduction and digital multiplication create a multi-layered fabric in black and white that evokes associations with darkness and light; pollution and purity; threat and promise; and an era "gone with the wind."

The work was realized for the show OHNE KOHLE at Zeche Schlägel & Eisen, Herten in summer 2018, curated by Heidi Meier and Norbert Bücker of Vestischer Künstlerbund.

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