sound / video, 3 min 30 sec, 2008

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The work marées_chalet_07_23 is rather an illustrated sound than a video with underlying sound. This sound can be interpreted as the auditive correspondence of the tides on a certain day - July 23rd 2008 - at Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec where the work was created during a residency at Centre Est-Nord-Est.

The data (times and levels) of the tides of the St. Lawrence on that specific day can be found on the website of Hydrographic Service of Canada. Plotting the the variable water levels over time in a coordinate system results in a graph of the shape of a wave.

Wave forms like this can also be found in the context of the visualization of tones resp. sound the amplitude taking the place of the height of the water level. The sepcific tone depends on the exact shape of the graph and its wave length, i.e. the time that is needed to reach a point equivalent to the starting configuration.

The import of a tidal wave into a sound software is quasi the translation of the time-dependent water level into a tone. As the course of the tides slightly varies every day the tonal version is characteristic for a specific day as well.

The initial wave form has been worked on by duplication, stretching by integer multiples, overlap of tracks, volume and echo modulation - altogether modifications that preserve the original tonality.

The resulting sound track is illustrated by a chronological series of images showing the varying water levels of the St. Lawrence on that same day seen from a small chalet at Saint-Jean-Port-Joli.

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