The Colourful World of Life Sciences

Series of digital photo montages, Austria 2013
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The photo collages combine impressions from the wide range of (experimental) life sciences - from zoology and plant sciences over biochemistry and embryonic biology to natural history and palaeontology. The respective imagery was collected at the relevant institutes of University Graz, Medical University Graz and Technical University Graz, at the Museum of Natural History at Joanneum Graz as well as at the Natural History Museum Vienna.

For the exhibition Nature happens. at the German Maritime Museum, Bremerhaven in March 2015 the tableaus were shown with slide viewers. The set-up and the viewing angle remind of a lab situation and the view into a microscope.

> Project Nature happens.

Kindly supported through a RONDO studio and project grant by the federal state of Styria, a residency and project grant by the Kone Foundation Helsinki, and by the Alfred Wegener Institute for polar and marine research Bremerhaven.

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