multimedia slide show, 2007

Mathematically, a geodesic is the (locally) shortest path between two points in n-dimensional curved space. The term originates from applications on the surface of the earth that is itself a two-dimensional curved space. Geodesics are segments of great circles.

The travel project was inspired by two artist-residencies spent at two most contrasting locations, that lie furthermore on quasi opposite sides of an ocean: Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Pouch Cove, Newfoundland, Canada. Their geographic positions offer the opportunity to travel from one point to the other along a real geodesic [i.e. a shortest path on the surface of the earth and not above it in an aeroplane]. The extensive nature of a ship trip across the Northatlantic enables the traveller to intensely experience the overcome of distance and gives the time to become aware of and to prepare for the diversity of the starting and end points of the journey.

The slide show combines photographs, video and sound material from the crossing in a multimedia slide show, commented personally by the artist. It is meant to be more than a travel report but to transport the experience of an expanded geodesic journey between two most different places, thereby sharpening our perception of the expansion, the connectivity and the diversity of the earth's surface, our space of living.

below: selected images from the slide show

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