fyrir hafvillu fram

3-channel video, 5:38 min, Norway/Newfoundland, 2012
sound: flute and arrangement by Anja Lautermann, cello by Anne Krickeberg


images: 3-channel stills

The work addresses the theme of the Norse trans-atlantic routes from around 1000 AD described in the sagas, which have been given final evidence to by the excavations of a Norse site at the northern tip of Newfoundland by Helge and Anne Stine Ingstad in the 1960s. They mark the first contact between so-called Old and New World, and the encounter of Norsemen and native Indians completed the encircling of the globe by mankind.
The title refers to the amazing achievement of the Norse seafarers of crossing the Atlantic without any effective navigational tools: it means onwards, despite hafvilla, where hafvilla is an old Norse expression for being lost at sea which does not exist in modern Norwegian.
The work was begun during an artist residency at USF Verftet, Bergen in early 2012 and the completing footage was collected at the original historic site in Newfoundland.

presentation at Bergen Center for Electronic Arts (BEK), January 2013

presentation at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Aug./Sept. 2013; photo by Jens Sundheim

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