Animation on CD-R, 2002/2003

At night, in the depth of the universe and of the oceans, light structures of equal beauty and comparable shape become visible:
On the surface of the earth illumination emanates from the lights of civilisation,
in the deep sea from bioluminescent life forms,
in outer space from galaxies, fogs and star agglomerations.
Seen from afar, radiant structures which have been artificially created by man appear organic, whereas cosmic shapes seem to be reflected in oceanic forms of life and vice versa.

images: screen shots

The animation aims to reveal the close aesthetic connection between the three areas earth, sea and sky - that are so well separated in space - by comparing their luminous structures in sequences of ever faster image rates.
The intuitive perception at the visual level is supported by the use of text fragments: Starting as denomiation of the images the notions earth, sea and sky are then superimposed independently. The resulting confusion is due to the difficulties to identify the origin of the respective light structure.

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