dead or alive?

GEA-Center Bochum, 2003
in the context of the exhibition "Die Wirklichkeit ist anders." with Johannes Nawrath

In the centre of the cylindrical foyer made of glass, steel and marble, a pile is spreading. A pile of what? A pile of objects in striking colours raising manifold associations: sea urchins, decorative pumpkins, blood corpuscles, ufos, rings, Chinese lanterns, acid drops, blossoms, aliens... A long list of organic as well as artificial items - alive or inanimate?

The fragile arrangement could be a snapshot of a dynamic process: Objects are falling/gliding down from above and drift apart; or they gather in the centre of the glass cylinder seeking to escape through the glass roof and into the sky.

The impression of a spreading or gathering form of life is enhanced by the tropical green plants which make the glass cylinder look like a greenhouse where exotic organisms are splendidly growing. The attentive observer will discover three runaways or latecomers outside, above the entrance.

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