Video, 52:00 min, 2016


images: video stills

The Autobahn A52 is the traffic axis between Essen and Düsseldorf. The work is based on video recordings taken during driving the whole length of the A52, from the exit on the A40 in Essen all the way to the ARAG roundabout in Düsseldorf − and back: From the co-driver window, I have been filming the passing scenery.

The footage from both driving directions (to and from Düsseldorf) was brought together in one single video sequence by dividing the screen into 52 horizontal stripes, which alternately show the go and return trip. The final abstraction was achieved through reducing the resolution to 52 x 3 giant pixels in postproduction. The resulting constantly changing colour compositions represent a dynamic interweavement of colour impressions on both sides of the A52.

The work was a commission for the private collection Seibel & Durchschlag, Essen.

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